• Patents no.: US 8,641,386 B2, US 8,347,912 B2.
  • Comply with harmonized norm EN 12050-1,2,4.
  • Comply with the requirements of the Directive: 89/106/EWG.
  • Lifting height up to 10 bars.
  • Free passage from 3″ to 6″.
  • Sewage pumping over very large distances and/or heights (pumping pressure to 10 bars).
  • Municipal or industrial sewage.
  • Main, zonal or local lift station.
  • Pumping sewage in sections threaten by putrescibility in the discharge pipe (periodic aeration and/or emptying of the pipeline from the wastewater function).

For Users

  • Refresh pumped sewage and prevent putrefying during transport.
  • Allow periodic entire emptying of pressing pipeline using compressed air.
  • Allow the possibility to adjust the efficiency of the lift station to the current requirements without replacing any equipment.
  • Enable safe and hygienic operation by placing technological part in the dry chamber.
  • Do not cause any silting or formation of sludge and surface scum being the result of sedimentation and floatation in the retention chamber.

For Engineers

  • Allow the possibility to pump sewage over very large distances and/or heights (working pressure 8-10 bars).
  • Allow the possibility to adapt the capacity of the system to the current needs without any necessity to replace any devices.
  • Allow the possibility to abandon the installation of aeration – air release valves in the pressing pipeline.
  • Enable safe and hygienic operation by placing technological part in the dry chamber.
  • Do not need to dose chemical substances that eliminate waste purification.

The Working Principle of EPP Pneumatic Lift Station

Will That Clog the Valve?


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